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By: Bethany | August 08, 2016

I'm always looking for new ways to get my students practicing, and with a new semester coming up it's the best time to start! This semester I will be awarding my students with "Beethoven Bucks". Here is a link to my free printable money!

Beethoven Bucks - Student Practice Incentive

There are 11 ways my students will be earning Beethoven Bucks, but of course you can do whatever you want. The great thing about this reward system is that it rewards students for everything, not just practicing!

1. $3 for coming to lesson

2. $5 for coming to group lesson

3. $5 for completing piece

4. $8 for completing piece memorized

5. $10 for performing in recital

6. $15 for performing memorized piece in recital

7. $5 for completing 7+ days of practice in a row

8. $8 for completing 14+ days of practice in a row

9. $10 for completing 30+ days of practice in a row

10. $15 for completing 100+ days of practice in a row

11. Your teacher may randomly award you with Beethoven Bucks as she sees fit, so be on your best behavior. You never know!

At the end of each lesson students can "purchase" prizes with their money. I will have boxes full of $10 prizes, $20 prizes, and $50 prizes.  And the good news is most everything will either come from the Dollar Tree or be a $0.20 piece of candy, so it won't hurt my wallet either!


Bethany Bracker

Posted on : August 15, 2016

I have candy, headbannds, pencils, nail polish, stickers (Finding Dory,
Star Wars, and Frozen), and some character cups and water bottles.
Everything came from the dollar tree, and most in multipacks :)


Posted on : August 15, 2016

This is fun way to engage students! What kind of things do you have as


Posted on : August 15, 2016

Great way to incentivize! Thanks for sharing.

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