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By: Bethany | August 07, 2016

I don't know about you, but I'm getting SUPER excited about the new school year! Lots of new ideas, with lots of new games to keep my students learning and happy this semester. One of my new games I like to call Buggy Beats, it's really easy to make, all you need is a plastic tablecloth (I got mine from theDollar Tree and cut it into four pieces so I have more for other games!), a sharpie, and some fly swatters like these from Amazon.

On the table cloth draw several bugs, you can either free-hand them or trace them, and below each bug write a unique rhythm.

To play the game clap or tap a rhythm and have the student swat the bug that belongs to that rhythm!



Posted on : August 15, 2016

I love the idea of using a plastic table cloth for games like this. Brilliant!

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