Wedding and Event Violinist, Violin Instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you play outdoors?

Yes. However, you will need to provide complete shelter or alternate location in the case of precipitation. I will also not play outdoors in the case of extreme heat or cold due to possible damage to the violin. Also, please make sure the place where I will be standing is ant free!

Do you play Christian/Jewish/Catholic/etc. weddings?


Do you play same-sex weddings?


Will there be travel charges?

If you are more than 30 miles from Birmingham additional travel fee(s), but they are very minimal. Check out the Pricing page for more details.


How will you be dressed?

Unless otherwise specified, I will be dressed in all black. Your event is very important to me and I strive to look professional at all times. 


Do I need to provide anything for you?

You  will need to provide adequate lighting if the venue is dark and an armless chair.


Do you have amplification or will it need to be provided?

I do not provide amplification, but most performances and weddings the sound of the violin carries well enough that it is not needed. If I will be playing over a large group of people while they are talking (for dinners, parties, receptions, etc.) you will need to provide sufficient amplification


What if I want a song that is not on your song list?

Just ask! The songs list is just an idea for where to start, it is not a complete list of everything I know and I am also willing to learn those special songs that you may want.


Where will you travel to?

I will travel all over the country, but if you're more than 30 miles from Birmingham, Alabama travel fees may apply.


What if my question wasn't answered?

Feel free to contact me and check out my blog post on hiring a wedding musician.